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Valve Products

Our valve product range includes Control Valves, Gas Pressure Regulators, Shut-off Safety Valves etc. the benefits of which are listed below.

High flow capacity
Excellent flow/ pressure control with high accuracy.
Stable flow control with a high range ability.
Large range of trim designs are available from quick opening. Linear, equal percentage and silencing control designs.
Cage guided for smooth movement.
Robust construction and easy to maintain.


Suitable for high/ medium pressure.
High capacity due to axial flow design.
Low pressure differentials.
Compact construction and convenient operation.
Long life diaphragm.
Optional silencing device.

Suitable for high/ medium pressure.
Axial flow type with high flow rate capacity.
Approximate straight runner producing less pressure drop.
No gas scour on sealing parts for longer operational life.
Original shut-off type with high safety performance.
Simple,  robust construction for easy maintenance.

P&L,  in cooperation with Terrence Energy Co. Ltd. have the expertise to carry out full process and mechanical design of pressure regulators, control valves, safety shut-off valves etc.

Equipment examples:
Control valves (e.g. PL4200 series)
Pressure regulators (e.g. PL3000 & H50 series)
Shut-off Valve (e.g. SSV3500 series)

Minimum and maximum equipment diameter , pressure and capacity:

Minimum / Maximum Diameter:  25mm. to 300mm. Minimum / Maximum/ Minimum Inlet Pressure:  1 barg. to 100 barg.

Minimum / Maximum/ Minimum Flow capacity:  100 m³/hr.  to 300,000 m³/hr.

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